We’re a Property Week ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ finalist!

So, this is an exciting Friday afternoon post as we are thrilled that the company has just been shortlisted for Property Week’s prestigious 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award'! 


Being a finalist of Property Week's Awards 2023 means an awful lot to each and every one of our highly skilled and dedicated team who are so committed to simplifying the path to Net Zero and unlocking the decarbonisation of real estate assets across Europe.

Back in 2010, our founder John identified that the commercial real estate sector, responsible for 25% of the UK’s carbon emissions, was going to have to tackle the challenge of decarbonisation and that onsite commercial embedded renewable energy generation would be the game changer.


John knew that the key to unlocking much of this opportunity rested on landlords and occupiers being able to collaborate effectively, and therefore lease structures would need to be altered. This would necessitate nothing short of a mindset shift for the industry, so Syzygy set out to educate on how to deliver impactful projects without impacting liquidity, thus creating both a commercial return for the landlord investor while also generating occupational cost savings for the occupier.


This innovative combination of a deep understanding of commercial real estate, lease structures, asset management and valuations alongside technical know-how is our 'secret sauce' – marrying two worlds together to deliver real change. Since starting down this road, we have helped more than 80 real estate clients on their pathway to Net Zero, representing a significant share of the UK/EU markets, and enabling them to transition their portfolios towards Net Zero. Our exponential growth, committed clients and their endorsements are testament to our ongoing success and bright future.

We couldn’t be more chuffed to be a finalist for the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award and congratulations to the other deserving finalists, we wish them the best of luck as we look forward to the award ceremony in June!