About us

We are an independent consultancy that bridges the gap between real estate and low carbon technology solutions enabling clients to achieve net zero targets in a commercial way.

Our team’s experience spans the real estate and renewable energy sectors, bringing strategy, engineering, project management and asset management expertise to client projects.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to be Europe’s leading embedded* green-tech consultancy by 2030. Delivering low-carbon solutions that are both practical and commercially viable; driving wider adoption of embedded technologies; and supporting our clients as they transition their real estate portfolios towards net zero.

In doing so our Vision is to energise our clients to harness the power of green technologies as a call to arms in the fight against climate change. Our Core Values ensure we deliver on both!

*in plain English, technologies connected to buildings.

Syzygy defined

[ siz-i-jee ] noun, plural syz·y·gies.

The perfect alignment of three celestial bodies (such as the sun, moon and earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in a gravitational system.

c.17 Greek syn-, together + zygon, yoke – yoked together

In the same way, Syzygy aligns all stakeholders and processes to deliver viable, commercially successful projects that reduce the environmental impact of the built environment.

Our reach

Our ever-expanding European footprint now spans much of the continent with regional offices in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and Italy and more opening soon.


Meet the team.