We provide end-to-end support to our clients, from inception through to the ongoing monitoring and operating of completed energy generating assets. We are passionate about what we do, but this passion never clouds our judgement – we absolutely understand that projects must meet the agreed objective and enable our clients’ to deliver their strategy. Every project is unique.

At Syzygy we provide highly focused, end-to-end support to our clients helping them deliver embedded low carbon technologies. From the kernel of an idea through to the ongoing operation of a completed project, we are here to guide clients through that journey

Of course, we are very passionate about what we do, but this passion never clouds our judgement – we absolutely understand that a project must meet the agreed objective – enabling our client to deliver their strategy.

Every project is unique.

Since 2010, we have advised clients across the world, scoping, analysing, designing, procuring, project managing and operating over 180 renewable energy generating projects.

The challenge is working with our clients to find the balance between their commercial objectives and the physical parameters of each site to identify the best technical solution.

The industry is evolving at a rapid pace, which is one of the many things that we love about it.

Simply keeping up is not enough – we look ahead, beyond the horizon, to anticipate developments and change before it happens.

We like to call this future-proofing.


Since 2010, we have worked with many of the UK and Europe’s largest REITS, Pension Funds, Listed companies, Insurance companies and Asset Managers.

As well as having over 70 years Engineering experience, our team also has over 20 years’ experience within the commercial real estate sector.  We are “bi-lingual”, as one client recently put it, meaning we are able to help clients drive real commercial value from their investments in low carbon technologies.

These include retailers, industrial occupiers, transport and logistic businesses, developers and local & national government bodies.


We are not a contractor so we give you completely independent and objective advice.  We have no vested interest in ‘selling you a project’, in fact we are more likely to recommend that projects are not pursued because we are invested in developing long term relationships based on trust.

Our advice has to be both practical and deliverable because once a project budget is approved by a client we have to deliver the project in line with the advice we have given – having generally advised on the commercial as well as technical metrics.  Additionally our involvement does not cease when a project has completed; we continue to operate and monitor 99% of our delivered projects.  We are in it for the long haul, with a complete alignment of interests.

We are a service led consultancy with innovation at our core, having delivered some UK firsts in terms of system designs and lease structuring for major UK clients.  We continue to be technology neutral and assess all your options before advising you on the best approach.

Above all else, we take our work very seriously, but not ourselves!