Grant Opportunities for Building Energy Efficiency Upgrades in the Netherlands

The Dutch government offers substantial support for sustainable building energy systems through the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) and Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA). These programs allow landlords to deduct significant portions of decarbonisation project costs, effectively reducing tax liability and boosting the project's financial viability. Syzygy Consulting can advise on opportunities for building energy efficiency projects with our in-house Net Zero Toolkit and with the support of expert advice on subsidies from Ysubsidie. 

What subsidies exist for building energy efficiency upgrades? 

  • Energy Investment Allowance (EIA): 

With the EIA, 40% of eligible costs are deducted from your fiscal profits. Given that the corporate tax rate in the Netherlands is 25.8 % in 2024. Equivalent to effective capex cost reduction of up to 10.3%. This incentive can be claimed for investments in heat pumps, heat exchange units, HR++ glass, insulation, and improving energy labels for existing buildings. 

  • Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA): 

With the MIA, specifically for new buildings, energy efficiency initiatives can qualify for tax deductions on eligible costs, ranging from 27% to 45% depending on the BREEAM certification level. This results in effective capex reduction between 7% and 11.5% in 2024, based on the current corporate tax rate. This incentive is perfect for new construction projects aiming for high sustainability standards. 

How can Syzygy and Ysubsidie support the decarbonisation strategy for commercial buildings? 

Net Zero Toolkit 

The Net Zero toolkit is a piece of software developed by Syzygy to assess the feasibility, decarbonisation impact and commercial viability of building energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  Our Net Zero Toolkit reports provide a comprehensive framework that aim to assist real estate owners in reaching their net zero carbon emissions targets. Working to ensure that is both feasible and profitable. The outputs provide a list of measures that should be implemented, the commercialisation strategy and associated return on investment. The Net Zero toolkit has been designed to work in several European countries including the Netherlands. The report includes details on possible grants that can be secured, specific to location.  

Applying for grants 

At Syzygy Consulting, we work in collaboration with Ysubsidie, a specialist consultancy based in the Netherlands, to identify and submit subsidy applications on behalf of clients. The Ysubsidie team collectively has over 30 years of experience in securing public funding for sustainability projects in the Netherlands. Our partnership ensures clients receive support to maximise subsidies opportunities throughout the project lifecycle. 

Take the Next Step Towards Sustainability 

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