Calling all those with a responsibility for ESG

Syzygy are committed to ensuring our real estate clients are able make decisions and purchases that are in line with their values and has aired its concern about the provenance of materials used for renewable energy projects. 

There is a consultation open now related to the Solar Stewardship Initiative, the solar industry-specific ESG standard being developed by Solar Power Europe and Solar Power UK in conjunction with 60 organisations across the solar value chain. We urge anyone responsible for ESG to respond and input into the SSI consultation.
The SSI was launched in October 2022 with the goal of securing and demonstrating responsibility, transparency, and sustainability, thereby providing confidence in how, where, and by whom, solar products are manufactured. This will mean both businesses and consumers can trust that their solar products comply with international environmental, social and governance standards. Having developed a draft Code, SSI are now seeking views from a wider group of stakeholders and we all have until 12th July 2023 to contribute to this important scheme.

Here’s the link so you can have your say Public Consultation - Solar Stewardship Initiative.