Asset Management: Then vs Now…14 Years On

How it looked 14 years ago:

When the solar PV market came to life in 2010, there was no Asset Management capability to support those investing in onsite renewable energy generation. We had to build the solution from scratch, ensuring that both technical and commercial aspects were at the core of our vision.


How it looks now:

Today, the above remains the fundamental principle, but the nuances of how these installations function within the commercial real estate sector are equally important. 

What happens when an asset is sold? Anticipating government policy shifts, insurance compliance developments, costs, and the need for more flexible Asset Management products? What about all those systems that were put in for planning but have never been turned on?

Our services have iterated over time, and we recently launched two new Asset Management packages:

Premium PV & Essential PV, alongside our solar PV Due Diligence product for onboarding our clients’ other systems to our own asset management platform pvlab®.

We manage over 200 assets across the UK and EU.


Meet Martin

While we're at it, let us introduce Martin, our Head of Asset Management.  He brings over 30 years of experience in the field, ten of which have been in the renewables industry focusing on solar PV & Electric Vehicle infrastructure. 

Martin is supported by a brilliant team of eight technical and commercial managers.


Get in contact with us to discuss how we can manage and maximise your solar PV assets: