International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Women of Syzygy

On this International Women’s Day, we proudly celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of all our Syzygy women. Their dedication and expertise play a pivotal role in advancing our mission of decarbonising commercial real estate. As we reflect on their journeys, experiences, aspirations, and knowledge, we call for greater recognition and appreciation of women’s contributions within our industry.

Despite efforts to advance gender equality within the industry, females in the renewable energy space on average continue to be underrepresented compared to their male counterparts. Currently, women make up only 29.4% of the STEM workforce (GOV.UK,2023).

With a cumulative industry experience of over 35 years, the women in our team were drawn to the field for diverse reasons and although their stories vary, they all share the common goal of supporting the commercial sector to decarbonise its real estate and helping clients reach net-zero.


Redefining the Roles

There are various misconceptions about women in STEM, primarily that it is not a “female field.” One of our graduates Sophie challenges this by highlighting that “being a woman in STEM is being a person in STEM”, with our Senior Project Manager Megan adding, “being in STEM doesn’t make you any less of a woman. There are female role models out there even if it’s not obvious; you’re not alone.”

Highlighting the work of Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklin as exemplary women in STEM who have made significant contributions to society, our team aims to serve as role models themselves for other women, “empowering them to enter the renewables space because female voices are needed to contribute to a clean, renewable future.”

The future is bright for renewable energy. When asked what trends we should expect in the space, we heard ideas around the increased focus on EV and HV charging, the implementation of innovative technology, such as AI, to predict energy requirements, new regulations for landlords to meet higher renewable targets and prioritising battery technology due to its positive ripple effects. However, there is also uncertainty about whether battery technology will receive the attention it deserves given the rapidly evolving industry landscape.


Advice for the Future of Renewables

Each woman in our company has been where many women stand now: at the start of their career, looking up at the mountain in front of them. When reflecting on how they felt in that moment, they recall a mix of fear, doubt, and a sense of imposter syndrome. After gaining the confidence that comes with experience, our women look back empowered by the answers they once sought and strive to continue to pave the way for upcoming women in the industry. Working alongside other strong women has been a source of empowerment, as a sense of community fosters innovation, confidence, and personal growth.

To upcoming women in the field, our incredible Syzygy women wish to share these pieces of advice:


“Look for other women in the industry to mentor you. Back yourself and stand up for yourself. Form a community and be confident in what you have to say.” – Juliann Canty, Head of Development.

“Don’t be afraid – it may be scary but know you’re helping to make things better.” – Cecile Bousquet, Associate Director, Project Management.

“Your voice is just as important as everybody else’s.” - Megan Atkins, Senior Project Manager.

“Don’t be scared! If you are scared, use that to prove yourself wrong. Its valid to feel intimidated, but it makes it more of an achievement when you do it. Feed off of the fear to accomplish more.” – Sophie Hall-Smith, Graduate.

“If you don't fit the ‘traditional’ mold for this industry, do not be deterred. Be empowered to create a new one.” - Jaya Mairs



More women to be supported back into STEM jobs in Government-backed training - GOV.UK (