We're an award-winning, specialist, green technology consultancy.
We align our clients' commercial and net zero objectives.
We take full accountability of projects, from brief through to asset management.
We love what we do and are driven by a desire to make a difference.
We deliver technical, commercial and sustainable excellence.
We show how going green makes good business sense.
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Who we are.

We're an independent, specialist, renewable energy consultancy founded in 2010.

We understand real estate and uniquely set the world of low carbon technologies in that context by helping clients understand how they be applied to their property value-enhancing strategy.

We've gained an enviable reputation for delivering pioneering solutions and overcoming structural barriers over the past decade. This means our work has a big impact. And that's the bit that's really important.

What we do.

Put simply, Syzygy work with the UK's largest commercial property owners and occupiers and help them navigate the often seemingly complex path to net zero.

We specialise in supporting our clients on the assessment, delivery and management of suitable, practical and commercially supported projects. Providing accessible route into renewable energy, energy storage technologies, and EV charging infrastructure across their commercial real estate and land portfolios.

Our Solutions.

We deliver more than just solar pv systems, we design energy solutions. Smarter green-tech solutions with market tested commercialisation strategies.

Using our in-house, technical expertise and extensive experience we find the balance between our clients’ commercial objectives, the physical parameters of sites and the best technical solutions. These technologies include renewable energy, energy storage solutions, electric vehicle charging infrastructure as well as our own software tools.


Ten years of success.
Ten years of Syzygy.
Bring on the future.

Syzygy has come a long way since we started out and we're very proud of the difference we've made.

Since 2010, we've delivered over 900 low-carbon green technology projects for more than 100 clients. These projects have saved more than 100,000 tons of CO2 (the equivalent of boiling 1.9 billion kettles). And generated 400gw of clean energy (enough for an electric car to drive 1 billion miles).

Not bad for a small start-up.

That said, while we celebrate how far we've come, we'll never lose sight of where we need to go.


We've have advised on and delivered more than 900 projects for over 100 clients. We also monitor and operate more live renewable energy-generating stations than any other asset manager in the sector.

Here's just a selection to show the breadth of our work.

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