We believe in wind power. The UK already has more offshore wind capacity than any other country in the world and in 2016 UK wind farms generated more electricity than coal power plants for the first time. These wind resources help to meet our security of supply and climate change goals.

Muirhead Farm, The Kingdom of Fife | Case Study


Tencreek Renewables, a private wind energy developer, wished to install a 500KW, 72-metre wind turbine on a farm in Fife, Scotland.


Syzygy ran the initial on-site technical due diligence and, in partnership with Aardvark EM, the planning application. We worked with a local farmer to agree the lease option on behalf of Tencreek Renewables and managed the viability of the wind project.


  • Tencreek Renewables have a fully consented site
  • Syzygy advised and managing turbine procurement
  • Construction will start in Summer 2018