We specialise in supporting our clients on the assessment, delivery and management of suitable, practical and commercially supported projects. Our focus is on renewable energy, energy storage technologies and EV charging infrastructure.

If you want to understand the role these technologies can play in your net-zero journey, drop us an email or pick up the phone. 

The path to ‘Net Zero’.

In simple terms, a site is net zero carbon in terms of its operational carbon emissions if the energy consumed in the everyday operation of the building is provided by onsite renewable energy generation or ‘additional’ offsite generation. 

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Renewable Energy.

Syzygy are specialists in market tested commercialisation strategies, such as the integration of solar power on rooftops, EV charging and energy storage. Solutions that can help landlords and occupiers move towards net zero and also make a financial return. 


Many of our projects result in the crystallisation of the ‘energy value’ to an occupier, where the capital cost of the project is less than the value of the energy to an occupier during their lease term. 



Energy Storage.

Battery energy storage systems (BESS), deployed in the right way, can mitigate the risks associated with the uncertainty of future grid electricity costs and grid network capacity by optimising electricity consumption on-site. 


Syzygy do this by aligning the technical and commercial business case through innovative modelling, robust market testing and selecting the appropriate development partners for our clients. 


EV Charging Infrastructure.


Syzygy works with clients on all aspects of EV charging strategy, multi-asset type portfolio analysis and project delivery.

Through our evlab® software we are able to provide detailed analysis of sites to identify the number of chargers required along with forecasting requirements to futureproof assets.



As a provider of charging solutions, we regularly use Syzygy proprietary software evlab® to help us determine the best locations for our rapid chargers and size our offers.  Combining thousands of datapoints, evlab® algorithm transforms raw market data, often difficult to interpret, into useful insights of the local EV market and actionable site-specific recommendations. By providing a forecast of the demand, it also enables us to draw long-term deployment strategies and approach customers with strong data-backed advice.

Patrick Sherriff, Property Director, Engenie

Working with our landlord abrdn, Syzygy has enabled Boden to take strides in the decarbonisation of our business. The vast solar system on our roof at Optimus Point (equivalent to the size of around 24 tennis courts!) will meet around 40% of our annual electricity demand. Not only does it provide us with clean, green energy but it also provides some cost savings on our energy bills. One of the most important things for Boden is that it will help reduce our carbon footprint and serve to effectively reduce our CO2 emissions by 230 tonnes this year alone.

Leyton Jones, Operational Development & Facilities Manager, Boden

There is a pressing need for transparency and consistency in how we will deliver net-zero carbon and the importance of rapid decarbonisation in the sector is increasing year on year. Syzygy have been and continue to be integral to the progressive decarbonisation of our fund portfolios. The combination of hands-on real estate asset management experience together with their obvious technical ability is what set them apart when assessing who to work with. We have been delighted with the work carried out and would have no hesitation in recommending Syzygy to other property owners.

Dan Grandage, Head of ESG, abrdn

I am really pleased to say that we were an early adopter of evlab® to help us quantify the EV charging requirements on our Regional Office fund. We wanted independent, quantitative analysis of our sites to help us make that investment decision – evlab® provided us with this.

Tom Newman, Investment Manager, Schroders Real Estate

I have worked with Syzygy for 10 years: they have delivered great outcomes across numerous projects. I find their services to be first class from conceiving a new initiatives, engaging with occupiers, and delivering projects efficiently. I am delighted to recommend the Syzygy team.

Ben Buckley-Sharp, Fund Manager, Abrdn

Syzygy managed a retro-fit PV project for us at our Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre in Sheffield. They took the project from identifying the opportunity, producing the financial appraisals through to delivering the final installation and now they monitor it for us. We felt it was important to use an experienced specialist consultancy to run this project for us, and have been very pleased with Syzygy’s work to this end.

Federated Hermes


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