Syzygy new software helping clients plan for EV charging infrastructure.

With over 250,000 plug-in vehicles registered to date, the UK EV market is developing rapidly and is only expected to rise as the UK pledged to ban new petrol and diesel car sales by 2040. Increasingly, local authorities and property owners are under pressure to deploy the adequate charging infrastructure to drive this ambitious target.

To keep ahead of the curve Syzygy have developed EVLab, a unique data driven algorithm software that advises local authorities and property owners on how many chargers to install and at what speeds, where to install them, and when to install more.

Unique data-driven algorithm

EVLab uses more than 300,000 datapoints from various sources and combines it with real estate and agnostic technical knowledge.

Using a GIS-based layer approach, EVLab software outlines areas where EV charging demand outstrips supply and therefore requiring the more infrastructure.

A detailed scoring system backed by market and socio-economic local indicators is used to forecast the current and future charging demand and determine appropriate connector speeds.

Key software outputs

• Local market performance and future outlook

• Strongest sites within portfolio or local area

• Site specific analysis:
Recommended size of charging service today and up to 2030 for specific sites

• Futureproofing recommendations

Our data sources

• DV EV Registration data

• Live charging points site data

• Census

• Charging Point usage data

• Off-street parking data

• Traffic statistics

• GIS Land data

Who is it for?

• Real estate asset managers

• Local authorities

• Occupiers / Tenants

More than 250 sites / areas analysed

40 different clients, among which Schroders, Nuveen Real Estate and RPMI Railpen

Lead to 40 actual EV charging projects so far