We believe in biomass. Using biomass for heating and electricity generation results in a low net ‘lifecycle’ of carbon emissions relative to conventional sources of heating like gas, oil or electricity.

Serco Leisure Ltd, Lilleshall | Case Study


Serco Leisure manage Sport England’s historic site at Lilleshall, the home of British gymnastics, archery and hockey. The site is centred around a grade 2 listed hunting lodge with many ancillary and surrounding buildings having been developed over the past 50 years. The main heating supply to the site was provided by three large boilers burning 600,000 litres of heavy oil each year. The challenge was to enable Sport England/Serco to stop using heavy oil to heat their central buildings, whilst ensuring the project was was sympathetic to the historic qualities of the site and surrounding grounds.


Syzygy specified two Biomass Boilers totalling 995kWp effectively replacing the existing ageing boilers. The boilers will use waste wood only, ensuring that only wood diverted from landfill will be used to produce the heat. Syzygy using Aardvark EM as planning consultants secured delegated consent with no pre-commencement conditions. Syzygy then produced a detailed technical specification, managed a competitive tender process.


The project is due to complete in April 2018. This will enable Sport England and Serco Leisure to remove 600,000litres of heavy old from their fuel sources each year, replacing it with waste wood.